Connecting to VPS-server via VNC from your RoboForex Members Area

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    Connecting to VPS for Windows These instruction were written kriptovaliutų sistema screenshots were take using Windows 7 operating system.

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    Tip: Create a shortcut on your desktop. Open "Display" tab.

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    Here you can choose the size of your remote desktop screen and the color depth of the remote session.

    Open "Local Resources" tab. Here you must change "Local Devices And Resources" vps brokeriai.

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    Then click on "More". Here vps brokeriai can choose between a hard disk drive or a flash drive to vps brokeriai used as a local disk drive at VPS server. Open "Experience" tab.

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    Here you can choose your connection speed to optimize performance. Open "Advanced" tab. It will save you some time when connecting to RDP in the future.

    vps brokeriai

    After clicking on "Connect", you will be offered to enter your administrator password it can be found in your Members Area, VPS server section.

    Connecting to your VPS server.

    All you have to do is to click on "Connect". Your VPS server. In "Computer" window you can see a system folder on this figure it is disk D that can be used the same way as local disk drives on your PC.

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