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Nemokamas belaidis internetas 9,5 It's easy to find if you use your GPS.

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Some people was talking late night very loudly. I stayed only 1 day but I didn't like at all.

I do recommend if you are looking for a budget room. If you're going to stay more than 1 night.

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Go to find another place. Also, I pay more than they was asking cause they did not have change. And didn't gave me change until I leave the riad.

Ar jis keicia spalva keiciantis nuotaikoms? Butu gerai jei keistusi, tada paziuri ir matai ar zmogus nervuotas ar ne ir galima butu privengt galimo konflikto. Kad labai dziaugias, sesoriu kaip ir nereik, tai ir taip aisku Kita verus negerai, kad tas pvz "demo" parodo kas kelia didziausias emocijas ir panasiai, tai pridare tokiu tyrimu paskui padarys koki "produkta" su koncentruotu emocijas dirginanciu kokteiliu.

Rodrigo Brazilija The verumo variantas is beautiful inside and has a great rooftop, but the guys working here are verumo variantas friendly, welcoming, and hospitable, which is what really makes Riad Verus incredible.

We had issues with our booking due to an outage not the hostel's fault and arrived at 11pm, but they did everything they could - and more - to make us feel comfortable and like we had made a good choice.

verumo variantas

Providing us with great food a free feast for the hostel one night! I strongly recommend Riad Verus to anyone coming to Fes.

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Maxwell Best breakfast Verumo variantas had in Marocco. Really amazing rooftop Fabbri Australija Breakfast was amazing for verumo variantas hostel. The bed was very comfortable. There was a plug for each bed and verumo variantas just next to bed that verumo variantas can plug your phone computer etc.

Terrace and main lobby were so nice. The owner was a amazing guy and he took us a traditional years old hammam, no charge.

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I just wanted to experience the hostel and this verumo variantas was beyond my expectation. Thank you Yousef and Ahmed. Turgay Kanada The reviews here are good and that's correct.

Būsto šeimininkas: Ahmed

Staff is amazing verumo variantas Thanks a lot! Place is great and cosy. Breakfast included is wow! Loved it Marie very nice and nice people, most helpful hands at place Bernd Lenkija Everything is awesome Receptionist Ahmed has organized well and helped me a lot It was very verumo variantas experience to stay this hostel and met new people ,I had really good time here Thank you again Ahmed!!!!

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Yan-han Taivanas Perfect disagn perfect staff perfect breakfast if I come again Fes cause visit this hostel take a rest thank you verumo variantas every thing Yousuf Zeynep People are very kind and helpful. Verumo variantas the very beginning you feel at home!

Verus laurus, UAB

Fabio Vokietija Riad Verus verumo variantas by verumo variantas the best hostel I have verumo variantas been to! Its common area is absolutely stunning and is the perfect place to chill after a long day.

verumo variantas

Rooms are clean, beds are comfortable and the food is simply delicious! Also, there is verumo variantas very pretty and comfortable tarrace where you can spend the evenings with your friends or other people staying at the riad. However, what really makes Riad Verus a unique place is its staff.

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They are very helpful and will make sure that you have an amazing and forgettable stay at hostel. At the end, they feel like family and the riad feels like home. Truly recommend staying there!

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