Can you demonetize him?

Token fuck, Fuck This Shit


    All white like my clothes, CW shows Nigga got signed, it's an anomaly No cosign: trigonometry Man these niggas hate me "Man, fuck you nigga Talk About His Dick Again Nerdy-ass black kid, whatever man I'm sick of him That well-spoken token, who ain't been heard The only white rapper who's allowed to say the N-word I buy a bunch of 'em and put it on my black card Now I got some street cred, use it 'til it's maxed out I token fuck a girl on my arm, dude, show respect Something crazy and Asian, Virginia Tech She too fine, I token fuck dimes If not that, I'm walking out with two fives Change my ID for the cops, it's not enough yet Black male in short shorts, I'm double suspect Ballin' since '83, half of 'em say he gay Maybe that's the reason I like Lady Token fuck I'm a problem, I'm lame as fuck homie But I rap like these niggas ain't got shit on me Fuck the cool kids, not Chuck Inglish But people who think that hatin on me makes them distinguished Like, "What is this nigga doin?

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    Rap is for real blacks Token fuck hate that fucking faggot, man, he think that we feel that" Or "I wrote on rape culture my junior year at Brown So I'm allowed to say what all his raps are about" You better shut your mouth before I fuck it You really hate my lyrics now or Kid Cudi's?

    Summer in November I token fuck everyone a Maybach Comin' on that payback, comin' on that mace took I'm comin' on some real shit, I'm comin' on her Facebook Fuck a backpacker with a rhino's dick I do me token fuck a gyno chick, uh [Hook] HH Pastabos.

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