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    Profesinio informavimo taškų veikla, įtakojanti klasių mokinių profesinį pasirinkimą Taškai pasirinkimuose Turinys Therefore taškai pasirinkimuose Lithuania robinas kapotas uždirba pinigus information and guidance system has started being formed, the main document taškai pasirinkimuose which is Career Guidance Strategy This document emphasizes that the suppliers of career guidance services at general education schools are career taškai pasirinkimuose points CIP which provide the services of information as well as of guidance.

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    Within the period of these latter years CI points have been established in schools while implementing various taškai pasirinkimuose of them already are accreditedthese CI points are provided with necessary robinas kapotas uždirba pinigus, methodical recommendations, curriculums and prepared standards, however, the results of the latter researches have shown robinas kapotas uždirba pinigus teachers lack information about the choices of taškai pasirinkimuose and about the possibilities of further learning, studying and activity.

    Robinas kapotas uždirba pinigus present thesis aims at revealing the preparation of schoolchildren of IX-X forms, who learn at general education schools, to choose the career in accordance with their individual personality traits and to evaluate the role of career information points CIP for career decisions made by schoolchildren.

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    The analysis and generalization of scientific literature, document content analysis, questionnairing, interview, mathematical robinas kapotas uždirba pinigus, qualitative data analysis have shown that schoolchildren of basic school and gymnasium of IX-X forms are prepared to choose career in accordance with their personality traits and have disclosed the attitude of schoolchildren towards the services provided by career information points CIP at schools.

    The results of the research taškai pasirinkimuose revealed the following main tendencies: only one fifth of schoolchildren of IX-X forms are self-determined about their career choice, they relate their self-determination with own personality traits.

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    The majority of schoolchildren claim that they lack information about career, taškai pasirinkimuose various methods and forms. The rode of career guides is increasing taškai pasirinkimuose schools, however, their competence is not sufficient — they lack professional knowledge and experience of this work.

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    Although CI points are established in all schools under the research, they are computerized, they provide schoolchildren with possibility taškai pasirinkimuose get free access to AIKOS and other databases, these points have accumulated methodic literature, however the activity of CIP is not developed sufficiently.

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