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    Order a eterio peržiūra image of high quality The digital content published on the LIMIS portal could be used on commercial and non-commercial purposes. When using digital content, you must specify the following: author; the name of the exhibit; primary account number or inventory number; the museum which eterio peržiūra the exhibit; link to the exhibit in www. In the event that the author is eterio peržiūra or anonymous, it must be indicated that the author is unknown or anonymous.

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    eterio peržiūra If the photo of the exhibit is created eterio peržiūra the photographer, the photographer's name and surname must be specified. Prienai Region Museum the provided information is only for reading and watching purposes. It is not allowed to reuse, distribute or in any other way use website content Prienai Region Museum without written, prior agreement of eterio peržiūra museum.

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    To get the permission please send requests to muziejuspr yahoo. All document copies and or programs must have the copyright symbol © and the registered trademark symbol ® that are not to be removed.

    Copying or imitating design elements on other websites is strictly forbidden.

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